Using Spectrum node

In this video I will be showing you how to use the Spectrum node of the Kaleidoscope add-on in a Scene in Blender.The Spectrum node can be used just like any other node inside Blender.

Spectrum has 5 color outputs that can be connected to apply the Color from the Spectrum node to any other node input. The colors from the palette can also be modified using Hue Saturation node or the MixRGB node. This would allow you to change a color non destructively.The ColorRamp option of the node allows you to apply the colors from the Spectrum node to the ColorRamp specified in this option. The ramp is then invisibly connected and every change in the palette gets automatically reflected to the ColorRamp.

NOTE: Reroute nodes are not supported by the Spectrum node. Hence reroute node links will be removed if used. (But the links with other nodes are preserved)